Temple of Anguish

Temple of Anguish is an engaging "roguelike", created during a 7 day game competition using JavaScript and packaged for desktop distrbution with Electron.

The land is in turmoil.

The Queen is the Head of State of lands and territories that are little more then fractured geo-political areas governed by leaders that at one time were interested in mutual cooperation. After years of concessions, the Queen has no substantial army of her own and must appeal to the government for troops and other war donations.

One particular source of the instability, is the recent rise of a brutal cult known as “Infinity Sect”. After many months on the case, the Queen’s spies have tracked down the leader back to his lair deep within the Temple of Anguish.

7DRL 2016

The "7DRL" or "7 Day RogueLike" is a friendly competition held every March. The idea is to create a game in 7 days with an attempt to (even loosely) follow standard Roguelike conventions.

A roguelike is classically defined as:

  1. dungeon crawler of some kind
  2. procedurally generated map or locations
  3. permadeath - you have one life to live

JavaScript on the desktop with Electron

I’ll create more detailed posts on using Electron, but essentially it allows you to take your JavaScript application and put it into a “native” container that runs on the PC, Mac and Linux desktops.

If you’re coming from a web development background, you may have heard about PhoneGap / Cordova for bringing JavaScript apps to mobile platforms. At its core, Electron is the same idea with some improvements over something like Cordova.

  • Underlying Node server - every Electron app has available to them an underlying Node runtime. This really gives you a lot of power for creating really great experiences on the desktop.
  • Only focused on THE desktop platforms - In order to maintain a quick turnaround of features in the Electron platform, the team only supports the 3 major desktop platforms.
  • Built on Chromium - Electron is built upon a fork of the Chromium project.

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