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My name is Erik Yuzwa and I run a software development shop in the Calgary, Alberta market. I'm a self-professed MMO addict and have had a passion for building game and business software for going on 10+ years.

Here’s some of the things I’ve tackled…


While I’ve spent a lot of time and effort around developing high quality web applications for clients, I’ve also been involved in the world of computer game development. Learn C++ By Making Games Right on the heels of completing Game Programming in C++: Start to Finish I was approached by the same publisher for assistance […]


Still a popular language for web application development, PHP provides a way of setting up an application infrastructure tie-ing together client-side and server-side functionality. It’s a well proven open-source approach to putting together strong experiences both with and without connectivity to a database such as MySql.


I’ve been keeping a steady pace of delivering useful and responsive applications built from the ground up using JavaScript. Termed the “assembly language” of the web, I’ve written client-side middleware modules for communicating with both SOAP based and RESTful web services.

More about my services…

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